Goals and Objectives

ECVET-Trainer has the following objectives:


  • To identify the ECVET situation in the EU countries and to analyse the opportunities for its application in the four key sectors (NACE Codes: A1 - Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities; C10 - Manufacture of food products; F41 - Construction of buildings; Q87 - Residential care activities) through the description of learning outcomes, the roles of ECVET competent institutions, transfer of credits, appraisal, learning agreements and ECVET points.

  • To establish an exchange of opinions and best practices among VET teachers and trainers, VET centres, social partners, public administrations and companies to propose and promote a “Guide for the application of the ECVET in the productive sectors”, addressed to VET teachers and trainers and VET centres.

  • To prepare e-learning material to train trainers for the application of ECVET principles in the four key productive sectors, and to carry out a pilot training course for validating that material.

  • To validate, evaluate, disseminate and promote the results of the project.